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Training, Training, Training

Pictorial of visit by AusHEAL teams in 2018 

Welcome to AusHEAL Nurses in morning chapel

Welcome to members of the AusHEAL Medical team by the Medical Director of HEAL Africa Hospital


Monitoring a woman in labour

In discussions with Maternity staff

With Maternity nurse (left) and Chief of Health Centre (right)


Training staff in sterilisation procedures

Up-skilling Theatre Nurses on theatre instruments

Theatre Nurses & Medical Equipment Technician lecturing on care of equipment



Anaesthetist & Emergency Physician training staff on haemorrhage and blood loss

Medical Team Inspecting the Radiology Department

Cardiologist & Cardiac Sonographer with HAH Chief of Internal Medicine

AusHEAL sonographer training HEAL Africa radiographer


AusHEAL Practitioner training Family Medicine Program trainees

Building / Logistics / IT:

Working on cabling the new hospital building