AusHeal Blog

Thursday 15th August

The op on the 21 year old man mentioned in the previous blog went really quite well but was difficult – the most difficult one of the 3 I have done here now. It took 7.5 hours in hot, humid conditions with the air-conditioning turned off most of the time and 1 power failure. He had a perforated oesophagus from someone at another hospital trying to dilate (stretch up) his oesophagus in March so his body tissues were not great and everything was gummed up inside. He also had an anatomical abnormality increasing the degree of difficulty. ┬áThe operation took a long time but the end result was good. We as a team prayed for him tonight but it really is up to God to do the healing from now on.

While operating today there was a severe trauma case admitted – a young university student hit by a UN truck. Some of our team were involved in his care but he subsequently died. His injuries were so severe that even with the best care in Australia he would probably not have survived. There is a degree of UN distrust by the local population with a city-wide strike on Tuesday protesting against the UN. The death of this young man resulted in further University protests about midday. Things seemed to have settled down by this afternoon’s drive home – even the University site we pass on our way home was quiet.

We have had the use of a HEAL Africa vehicle which Neil has been driving but it is not marked with the HEAL AFRICA logo. As a result of the anti-UN feeling, it was decided we should change vehicles, so for the next 2 days we are driving in a HEAL Africa Ambulance. Neil and Anthony Fisher feel this is “cool” and turned the siren and flashing lights on when we got “home” tonight.

But on a serious note we would appreciate prayer for safety and peace to reign in Goma!