Specialist Training – International


…. or US$20,000 per Congolese doctor annually to train in an accredited program internationally in another African country. (No such programs exist in D.R.Congo). Sponsorship covers the cost of course training and living expenses. Four years of  specialist training will produce an accredited specialist who is able to return to D.R.Congo to bring a lifetime of care and expertise to the Congolese population.

AusHEAL has already sponsored the successful training of a number of HEAL Africa doctors in the specialities of surgeryemergency medicine, anaesthesia, public health and radiology.

One current AusHEAL sponsorship, is of a HEAL Africa Hospital staff doctor for training in Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Other speciality areas will be supported by AusHEAL if HEAL Africa Hospital identifies a need, a suitable candidate and sponsorship monies are available.