Medical teams

AusHEAL aims to take multi-disciplinary medical teams annually to HEAL Africa Hospital in Goma, D.R.Congo to teach & train, mentor & model and resource appropriate allied health and technical staff of the hospital. AusHEAL team members are predominantly self-funded demonstrating their commitment to walking alongside their Congolese colleagues.

To assist out team-members, AusHEAL supports our volunteers by covering ‘in-country’ costs. (visas, transport, travel insurance, accommodation) to a maximum US$1,500 per annum.

AusHEAL’s ETHOS is to build relationships between team members and their Congolese colleagues and to work within the Congolese culture. Monetary support of team members’ costs in D.R.Congo allows individual team members to make repeat visits, deepening relationships and the potential to make a real difference.

September 2018 Team
AusHEAL nurses
Meeting with HEAL Africa Nursing Executive
Radiology involvement
Teaching at the operating table
Cardiologist & Emergency Medicine Specialists
Training in Dentistry
Workshop teaching combining doctors & nurses
Midwifery instruction
Recovery & Operating Theatre training
Visiting the humanitarian crisis outside the town
Sick infants drain the emotions