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OCTOBER 2014 — IT & Electrical Team

First, the boys – PETER BULL has been shadowing Bizi, the HEAL Africa chief Maintenance Engineer, for most of the week learning about Work Health & Safety in Congo. The week culminated on Saturday with the moving of the main hospital transformer for the incoming mains power supply, necessitated by the dangers of regular flooding due to poor local site drainage.

PAUL BAKES continues to battle an ever increasing schedule as well as missing items. He has knocked holes in walls, laid cable and is an expert at waiting for keys, ladders and such.

LYNDEE and GLENNIE  raided a waste basket for scrap paper to make patterns; purchased baby blankets (fabric for liners) from the Charity Bin and then found fabric (PJs) for shields in the left-behind bin at our accommodation. Resourcefulness is a fine quality in Congo.

Much of our time has been spent sourcing alternative materials and cutting out and preparing for sewing. We have been teaching community ladies to sew shields and liners at the HEAL Africa Healing Arts Centre with varying degrees of success. We also began to teach several school girls to sew, but have opted to make bead bracelets and necklaces with them on a few afternoons. We have also had opportunity to speak with key people.

Today, Lyndee, Peter and Glennie went to MUBAMBIRO, the Pygmy village that Barbara Ferguson has established. Pastor Samuel and nurse Bahati accompanied us.  Bahati gave a “Days for Girls” presentation to 35 young mothers, though cultural issues needed to be considered. The women were so excited!!! Pastor Samuel and Bahati then gave a long talk on family planning. We subsequently had a tour of the pygmy village. So much need. We plan to go again next Wednesday to teach a few women in the village who can sew to make shields and liners, God willing.

We are well and safe. Congo has great natural beauty and its people, friendly, resilient and resourceful.