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November News — Neil & Gwen Wetzig


Technical questions to/from team member, Paul Bakes, in Brisbane re safety of IT (Information Technology) cabling during demolition

English sessions with Gwen after COSECSA Trainee sessions help build confidence in speaking/presentations (COSECSA: College of Surgeons of EAST, CENTRAL & SOUTHERN AFRICA)

Anaesthetist from Sydney, Dr Peter Tralaggan, at HAH (HEAL Africa Hospital – DRCongo) for 2 weeks teaching/training the Nurse-anaesthetists

MAP documents (Monitoring/Accountability/Planning) being analysed from 2017 Team Members

Surgical teaching/training continues under the mentorship of Dr Neil Wetzig, clinically & with COSECSA

Streets in Goma – 1

Streets in Goma -2


Australian partners, Global Development Group (GDG) conducted ‘Monitoring Visit’ in early October

Understanding relationship between HAH & AusHEAL to review current MoU Memorandum of Understanding

Short-Term Development Grants (STDG) continue to attract interest from staff wishing to improve their clinical skills

HEAL Africa Hospital Senior Staff request AusHEAL to continue their valued partnership, support & assistance

Engineer from Oxair in Perth, WA, visited to install & connect the Oxygen Plant – cylinders filling now!!

Accounts being reconciled and finalised before Gwen departs on Friday 10 November to return home

Loyal donors enabling the AusHEAL Patient Fund to pay medical expenses for genuinely very poor patients

Oxygen Plant successfully installed.


H.E.A.L.  A.F.R.I.C.A. 

HATS (HEAL Africa Training Scheme) – Dean of HATS, Dr Luc Malemo, begins PhD in Montreal, Canada

Education of hospital children – Tuungane School relocated from Hospital compound – now next to Chapel

Action happening on the hospital compound – 2 buildings demolished preparatory to new construction

Lava strike!!!  Digging old foundations and struck the layer of lava flow from the Volcano in 2002.


Architect designing plans for new AusHEAL/HATS Training Centre due for construction early 2018

Focus on Fistula – training/mentoring visit from Medical Director of Hamlin Fistula Hospital in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Relocation of patients to various other locations during demolition/construction phase

Imaging Department – new part required for the CT scanner arrived from USA – looks like this will be the ‘missing piece’

COSECSA Trainees & 3 Trainers to attend COSECSA Annual Conference in Mozambique in early December

Australian High Commission representatives from Harare, Zimbabwe, to visit HEAL Africa on 13 November

Dr Peter Tralaggan, anaesthetist, teaching COSECSA trainees in anaesthetic techniques.

Digging foundations for the new Fistula Building at HEAL Africa Hospital, Goma DRC

Difficulty caused by striking old lava from 2012 volcanic eruption