Infrastructure Projects

Emergency Back-Up Generator

In 2015 AusHEAL supplied and installed a new A$40,000 generator to supply emergency backup power for the hospital. The regular mains power supply was both unreliable and intermittent with resultant power blackouts affecting equipment and surgery. Hence the need for a reliable back-up generator.

Dental Unit & Chair

In 2015 AusHEAL donated and installed a new dental chair and system incorporating suction, lighting and powered instrumentation. The dental unit, a necessary work tool of every dental professional, was able to be supplied through a generous grant from the PETA SEYMOUR Foundation , Brisbane Australia.

AusHEAL previously sponsored the international training & qualification of the first dentist to HEAL Africa Hospital beginning a new outreach service to the local populace.

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

Power surges are a constant threat to the survival of sensitive medical instruments throughout the hospital, especially in the Operating Theatre and Intensive Care departments. Hospital electrical cables and circuits require updating and making more robust. There is an ongoing need for funding for UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) equipment and battery back-up devices to maintain a stable, lasting power network within the hospital. AusHEAL has already supplied a number of such UPS devices / systems together with extensive stabilisation of donated CT and X-Ray equipment.

Oxygen Plant

(self-sustaining, income-generating venture) HEAL Africa Hospital now makes and provides its own medical grade OXYGEN. Until 2018 bottled oxygen was trucked in from Uganda outside of D.R.Congo – a lengthy, inefficient and costly exercise. The internationally sourced oxygen was industrial grade rather than the needed higher grade medical standard.

AusHEAL has facilitated the purchase, provision and installation of an Oxygen Plant at Heal Africa Hospital to allow the  generation and provision of essential oxygen for patient care including children and newborn, surgery and anaesthesia. The hospital supplies bottled oxygen to other hospitals and medical centres in the region – an income-generating project generating hospital revenue for improved patient care for those living in poverty.

HEAL-Africa Training Centre

The vision for a dedicated in-hospital training centre for both staff and external personnel was fulfilled in 2019 with the building of a new centre developed and funded through AusHEAL. A huge need supplied. A game-changer able to contribute to improved health quality & sustainability within the Province.

Outfitting of the Training Centre was augmented through a Direct Aid Program Grant from the Australian Government.

Opened in April 2019, the Centre is in extensive use.