Donate by Direct Deposit

 Step 1: Direct Bank Deposit (online or in branch)

Direct Deposit tax deductible donations can be made via:

Commonwealth Bank Australia
Global Development Group
BSB: 064118
Account No. 10200094

  • Ongoing regular deposits need to be arranged with your bank.
  • Please ensure you include the Donor’s initials (i.e. J. Smith) & Project J730N number in the description of the direct deposit – this will show on our bank statement & ensure identification.

Step 2: Email Global Development (GDG) your donation details

Email your donation details.  Email is our preferred method of contact

GDG receives multiple direct deposit donations daily, so please ensure that you contact them with your J730N AusHEAL Congo Project donation details.

The donation details needed are:-

a) The name & address of the donor for receipting purposes and/or name on deposit description
b) The amount & date of the donation & the frequency e.g. monthly or once only
c) The J730N project number


Donations to AusHEAL’s medical work in D.R.Congo are tax-deductible IF directed through our partner organisation  Global Development Group (GDG).  Gifts over $2 to GDG with a preference for the AusHEAL Congo Project (J730N) are tax-deductible.  Global Development Group (ABN 57 102 400 993) is a DFAT-approved NGO under the OAGDS scheme and signatory to the ACFID Code of Conduct. Its role is in the area of general oversight, transfer of funds, monitoring and evaluation.

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