Who We Are

AusHEAL ACN 150.512.315 is an accredited Australian charitable not-for-profit company limited by guarantee, involved in providing Developmental Aid, health professional expertise and logistical support directly to hospitals in the least-developed world.

AusHEAL believes more is effectively achieved by empowering a central hub hospital and its indigenous personnel as a source of education, resource and standards to provide enhanced health care in the developing world. Such empowerment is aided by individual ongoing relationships with specialists, nurses, administrative and logistical providers from the developed world.

We have had experience in seeing this concept work since 2003. AusHEAL seeks to empower local hospital personnel to initiate and provide successful outreach programs to their own rural communities. Such a central hospital is a nexus and advocate improving health care and providing education & support to outlying towns

To this end AusHEAL builds its ongoing hospital relationship through four core components: Health — Education —Advocacy — Logistics.

  • Health support is built by ongoing visitation of medical specialists, nurses, allied health, laboratory and administrative personnel as well as others with specific expertise required in the particular projects where we are working. Team members are volunteers and fund the majority of their costs. Team activities involve active treatment of patients as well as mentoring, teaching and modelling high health practice standards. Particular funding is provided for patients unable to meet their hospital costs and treated by our visiting teams, also enabling further teaching to hospital staff.
  • Education is pivotal to the aims of AusHEAL as it leads to improved & sustainable change within the local hospital setting. Such cultural and language-sensitive education is provided through small group teaching, workshops, “hands-on” training, ward rounds and clinical meetings. Scholarships are awarded to fund appropriate specialist doctor qualification and short-term grants to allow specific staff to visit other hospitals to reap experience and learning in their area of expertise.
  • Advocacy for improving the difficult situations in which medical care is provided in the developing world is an important part of AusHEAL’s platform. This includes advocacy for social justice issues as well as holistic patient support.
  • Logistics support is a core component of improving health care provision ins the developing world through administration, systems management, infrastructure planning & building, together with provision  of supplies and other resources essential for the provision of sustainable medical services. Sourcing of equipment and transportation of such equipment can be essential.


AusHEAL seeks to develop strategic partnerships with other aid agencies providing developmental and humanitarian support. It seeks to interact where indicated with local, national and international governmental regulatory bodies.

AusHEAL seeks to promote and act towards the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals to alleviate poverty by improving national productivity through improved health outcomes; education advocacy & fistula repair to improve maternal health, improved obstetric & paediatric standards to actively reduce child mortality; G4 Alliance involvement to mobilise resources to provide safe surgical care for patients in need.

AusHEAL has been outreaching through team members each year since 2003 to HEAL Africa Hospital in Goma, capital of the conflict-ridden North Kivu Province of eastern D.R.Congo bordering Rwanda. This work is now known as the AusHEAL Congo Project (J730N) performed in partnership with the Global Development GroupThe PURPOSE of the AusHEAL-Congo_Project is for skilled medical & allied health professionals and other technical and support staff to share their expertise with Congolese national doctors, nurses and support staff based at the HEAL Africa Hospital in Goma D.R.Congo helping to teach, train and resource them to better serve their own people.

  • HEAL Africa Hospital in Goma is the only nationally accredited Congolese hospital outside the capital Kinshasa. The hospital has 200 beds, often with maximal occupancy.
  • In addition to the hospital, HEAL Africa has multiple community programs including Healing for Survivors of Rape, Safe motherhood, Safe Houses, Gender & Justice, Women Stand Up Together, HIV Harm Reduction, Education against Gender-based-violence, Mercy Fund for Children with Disabilities, Community-based Medicine, together with Agriculture (Living Stones) and Food programs.