What We Do

‘Improving Health, Impacting Life’

Since 2006, AusHEAL has worked in partnership with the HEAL Africa Hospital in Goma, the regional capital of the conflict-ridden North Kivu region of eastern Democratic Republic of Congo bordering Rwanda, providing developmental aid, professional health expertise and logistical support enabling local people can better serve their own community.

It would be hard to find a clearer example of the ‘frontline’ than the HEAL Africa Hospital in war-torn Goma.

Our name, AusHEAL is drawn from our conviction that people in less developed countries should at least have access to minimal standards of healthcare.

AusHEAL believes that the delivery of good health care in a place like Goma is related to the clinical competency of hospital staff and directly linked to education, advocacy and logistics.

  • Health support is built through ongoing visitation of medical specialists, nurses, allied health, laboratory and administrative personnel, as well as others with specific expertise required in the particular projects where we are working.   AusHEAL’s model is to train the local medical personnel effectively and ethically through mentoring, teaching and modelling high medical practice standards for patient treatment.
  • Education is pivotal to the aims of AusHEAL as it leads to improved and sustainable change within the local hospital setting. Ongoing education is provided for staff through small group teaching, ‘hands-on’ training, ward rounds and clinical meetings, as well as lectures and delivered resources. Education is culturally and language sensitive. AusHEAL sponsor the international training of local Congolese doctors to become accredited specialists.
  • Advocacy for improving the difficult situations in which medical care is provided in the developing world is an important part of AusHEAL’s platform. This includes advocacy for social justice issues including gender injustice, as well as holistic patient support. We also aim to promote the millennium development health goals.
  • Logistic support is a core component of improving medical care in DR Congo, through administration, infrastructure planning and building, IT networking and hospital system software, together with provision of supplies and other resources essential for effective medical care. Sourcing of equipment and it’s transportation to hospitals in the developing world is also essential.