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2019 begins !

AusHEAL Teams – March/April 2019

Medical Work

The longest surgery so far this visit, was a man with a blocked gullet (oesophagus) who had an oesophageal bypass surgery lasting 8 hours. 10 days later he was able to successfully take his first food. AusHEAL is able to bring this expertise through Dr Neil’s skills and experience.

Oesophageal bypass patient taking his first food 10 days after surgery.

The saddest surgery so far this visit, was a park ranger who was bitten on the leg by a hippo. Transport to HEAL Africa Hospital was a 5-hour journey. In spite of the intensive treatment he received at the hospital, he succumbed to his injuries and lengthy transport.

Training & work by AusHEAL Volunteers

Small groups of AusHEAL volunteer teams with different expertise visited the HEAL Africa Hospital (HAH) in March 2019.

Dr Peter Tralaggan (Anaesthetist from Sydney) conducting a training session on Anaesthesia with the COSECSA (College of Surgeons of East, Central & Southern Africa) Trainees.

This year, two new surgical trainees joined the COSECSA
(College of Surgeons of East, Central & Southern Africa) training program which is sponsored by AusHEAL. Three HAH doctors are in in their second year of training. Two doctors are in their 4th. All will sit the written exam from the Surgical College in September. Along with surgical training, they are also being educated in anaesthetics.

Dr Peter Tralaggan and his wife Julie hard at work. Peter preparing for Anaesthesia workshops and Julie cataloguing the new HEAL Africa Training Centre Library.
Chris Webb (mechanic) worked on the HAH vehicles and ambulances.
Chris Webb (also an electrician) and Paul Bakes (IT) cabling the HEAL Africa Training Centre for INTERNET use.
The hospital “Opening Committee” and Dr Neil plan the opening and dedication of the HEAL Africa Training Centre.
AusHEAL volunteers Brian Bakes and Paul McLean, work with Elie from Goma to fit out the Training Centre with the necessary cabinetry.

The AusHEAL container shipped from Brisbane in 2018 contained equipment and supplies for the Training Centre.

Young helpers assisting AusHEAL volunteers to unload the AusHEAL container.
Dr Neil packing shelves of medical supplies from the AusHEAL container in the new hospital storage room.