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2019 AusHEAL Congo Team Trip Cancelled

It is with sadness that we have cancelled the 2019 AusHEAL Congo Team visit to HEAL Africa Hospital, due to take place in August and September. A case of Ebola was recently diagnosed in Goma, and although promptly contained, the WHO has declared a ‘Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC) for Ebola. Consequently, AusHEAL believes it would be unwise to proceed with the trip this year. We hope and continue to plan, that we will be able to resume our annual visits again next year. Some of our longer-term AusHEAL volunteers, will still be travelling to Goma as individual volunteers to HEAL Africa and not under an AusHEAL banner. Having already been vaccinated for Ebola, the risk for them is significantly lower. Despite not having a team visiting, we continue to support the training and mentoring of medical staff in Congo throughout the year. We know Congolese staff will be greatly disappointed with the cancellation, as they look forward each year to the team and its training, however AusHEAL also has a duty of care to its volunteers.