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Lots of activities already including:

Preparation for the Year

  • November 2017 — APRAM: the AusHEAL Planning and Reporting Annual Meeting. Members of the 2017 teams gathered to reflect on the achievements of the year and began to bring together strategic plans and suggestions for 2018 and even longer term
  • December 2017 — the AusHEAL Board met. Dr Neil, Board member, had returned from 4 months overseas, and was able to give a first hand report of AusHEAL in Goma DRCongo
  • January 2018 — the AusHEAL Congo STEERING COMMITTEE met to discuss outcomes of the APRAM meeting and lay down operational plans for the year ahead including the draft budget to be reviewed by the Board
  • January 2018 — the  AusHEAL Board met, reviewing the above, finalising due annual reports and laying out AusHEAL’s future timetable
  • In the midst of these meetings and the preparation required for them, governance & operational personnel continued to meet with various people, both potential medical volunteers and others. We see this as a way of maximising effective medical work, both at HEAL Africa Hospital and in central Africa generally, by seeking opportunities to network. Our aim is to make the most of opportunities that come across our path.


The Year Begins !!

  • January 2018 — Teams ‘Interest Meeting’ held for people who over the past year or two expressed interest in joining an AusHEAL team – 14 new interested people attended (out of which about 11 have committed to be part of a team in 2018 or early 2019)
  • January 2018 — AusHEAL received a donation of A$150,000 from Gateway Baptist Church as a result of their “Hospitals of Hope” Christmas Appeal. The funds were raised to support the building of a permanent training centre at HEAL Africa Hospital (HAH) to house both AusHEAL’s educational involvement of national staff and HEAL Africa’s own outreach educational program to provincial health personnel – i.e. HATS: the HEAL Africa Training Scheme. Construction is due to begin in the second quarter of this year.
    •  We are grateful for the generous donations of Brisbane people as an expression of their christian faith during the Christmas season
  • February 2018 — AusHEAL 2017 AGM with presentations to supporters. Invitations were extended to previous attendees of our Fund Raising Dinners. An excellent opportunity for one-on-one interaction between supporters and volunteers involved in DRCongo
  • February 2018 — Team Training Session #1 was attended by 20 team members, keen to be involved, somewhat nervous about the unknown, but enthusiastic about the opportunities. Team training & preparation is a pivotal & essential aspect of all AusHEAL volunteers’ involvement in our overseas aid every year. Training takes the form of 5 half-day and 1 whole-day sessions. Beneficial medical, nursing and para-health expertise sharing is not a matter of fly-in/fly-out but a relationship of repeated visits, mentoring and encouragement of national professionals in a culturally appropriate manner.

    TEAM TRAINING 2018 begins !

  • February 2018 — Dr NEIL & GWEN WETZIG leave for 2 months in Goma DRCongo at HEAL Africa Hospital with Neil involved in surgery and the training of the COSECSA surgical trainees. Gwen continues to administer the J730N AusHEAL Congo Project, tutor in English and interact with the financial department of HEAL Africa
  • February 2018 — DAVID & HEATHER KELLY leave to return to HEAL Africa for 3 weeks in March. David will continue his hospital administration interaction. As a member of the HEAL Africa Assemblie Generale (HA Board) he will be present for its international annual meeting on 7-9 March. Heather will continue with her English tuition.



Building Programs

  • AusHEAL-HATS Training Centre to begin construction as outlined above
  • Women’s & Children’s In-Patient Department, a 3-storey building currently under construction sponsored by a generous grant from a USA donor
  • Women’s & Children’s Out-Patient Department, another 3-storey building. Construction to begin this year, following the 2016 visit by Princess Caroline of Monaco ,and subsequently funded by the charity her mother, Princess Grace, founded : the Amade Mondial foundation
  • Fistula Care Building, currently under construction for the specific care of women suffering from vaginal fistulae, funded by The Fistula Foundation


  • 2 newly trained and internationally qualified female medical specialists return to HAH this year to begin work.
    • Dr CATHY — Obstetrician & Gynaecologist
    • Dr MARLENE — Paediatrician
  • COSECSA – the specific training & qualification of regional doctors from North Kivu Province in DRCongo in essential and emergency surgery.
    • The HEAL Africa Hospital course & curriculum accredited by COSECSA, the College of Surgeons of East, Central and Southern Africa, began as a combined initiative of the HAH executive and Dr Neil Wetzig with an ongoing seeding grant from AusHEAL.
  • The three current trainees of the inaugural 3-year course enter their final year this year. they are due to sit their final qualifying COSECSA exam at the end of 2018 before moving out to regional North Kivu.  3 new COSECSA surgical trainees  have been accepted onto the program, commencing their training in 2018. Their photo below with Dr Neil.