Longer term in-country Australian volunteers


Ongoing mentoring support is supplied in the areas of Administration, Governance, Surgery, Surgical Education and Departmental Management through AusHEAL personnel who remain in D.R.Congo for months at a time to share their experience and expertise with senior Congolese staff at HEAL Africa Hospital, Goma, D.R.Congo

David & Heather Kelly

David, an experienced and qualified hospital management executive director in Australia, has been visiting HEAL Africa Hospital for 8 years now. He is deeply involved in developing their administrative and management services together with forward planning to increase hospital capacity and sustainability. David is a member of the Hospital Board tasked with the oversight of the HEAL Africa organisation. He particularly works in association with HEAL Africa’s Legal Representative and Chief Operating Officer.

Dr Neil & Gwen Wetzig

Dr Neil Wetzig MB BS FRACS FRCS is a senior Australian General, Breast & Endocrine Surgeon and examiner with the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons. He first visited HEAL Africa Hospital in 2003 and then developed the charity AusHEAL. He first brought an Australian health team to the hospital in 2006, returning yearly since. In association with his wife Gwen, he has continued to organise teams of medical, nursing and allied health personnel from Australia to visit and resource HEAL Africa Hospital throughout every year. Dr Neil is intimately involved with the teaching of Congolese specialist staff surgeons particularly in complex & difficult cases. He has helped establish the basic essential and emergency training of rural Congolese doctors at HEAL Africa Hospital in association with COSECSA. (The College of Surgeons of East, Southern & Central Africa)

Heather Kelly & Gwen Wetzig

Heather & Gwen provide regular ongoing English tuition to hospital staff. The official language of D.R.Congo is French together with the local Swahili language. HEAL Africa Hospital has made English a priority language of its health personnel.

David and Heather Kelly about to depart from HEAL Africa Hospital

David and Heather Kelly

Gwen & Neil Wetzig

Gwen & Neil Wetzig