Power Supply – A$6,000

In 2015 AusHEAL supplied and installed a new A$40,000 generator to supply emergency backup power for the hospital. The regular mains power supply is both unreliable and intermittent with resultant power blackouts affecting equipment and surgery. Hence the need for a reliable back-up generator.


Electrical circuits new require updating and need to be made more robust. There is an ongoing need for funding for equipment such as UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) and battery back-up devices to develop a secure lasting power network within the hospital. AusHEAL has already supplied a number  of such UPS devices.

#10 1B Paul Bakes working on a HEAL Africa server

Oxygen Plant Priority Project  – ~A$180,000

(self-sustaining venture). There is potential for HEAL Africa Hospital to make and provide its own medical grade OXYGEN. Oxygen is currently trucked in from outside D.R.Congo – an inefficient and costly exercise. The oxygen supplied is currently of an industrial grade than the needed higher grade medical quality.

An on-site built-in oxygen plant will allow the  generation and provision of essential oxygen for patient care including children and newborn, surgery and anaesthesia. The hospital will also potentially supply bottled oxygen to other hospitals and medical centres in the region, an income-generating project that in turn will generate revenue for improved patient care for those living in poverty.


AusHEAL has currently facilitated the purchase, provision and shipping of such a plant from Perth, Western Australia together with its installation on-site at HEAL Africa Hospital. The plant is currently in-transit on the African mainland.
Oxygen Plant1 Oxygen Plant2 Oxygen Plant3